Perks of an MPA!

Still trying to decide what type of graduate degree best suits you? Well, here’s a list of FIVE perks of pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree. 

1. Diversity of Students

MPA programs don’t attract a “specific” type of student. There is no clear track to getting to this degree. So that leads to a diversity of experiences and backgrounds that may be interested in this degree. Which also makes for interesting in-person or virtual classroom discussion. 

2. Variety in Coursework

If you are someone like me, I love learning! The great thing about an MPA program is that the coursework is not just about how to run public organizations. We study a variety of subjects ranging from law to human capital management to budgeting to leadership! You are challenged in different ways every day. 

3. Leadership Training

Leadership training was one of my favorite parts of the Carolina MPA program. Since MPA programs are expecting you to transition into the public sector and become leaders, coursework is typically focused on helping you hone that skill. In my experience, the coursework allowed me to reflect on the type of leader I am now and who I want to become in the future. 

4. Unlimited Career Paths

This degree opens doors to multiple leadership and management roles, while doing good. You can have a career in various levels of government, nonprofit, philanthropy, health care, or even a consulting firm. One of the things I am most excited about for graduating with this degree is the endless possibilities for my professional career. 

5. Giving Back

As a public administrator, you get to give back to the community. You get to work towards solving complex problems affecting your neighbors. In my opinion, this is the best perk of all! 

I hope these perks help you decide if an MPA would be a good fit for you! 

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