How to Succeed in the Carolina MPA Program – an Interview with Kim Nelson

Kim Nelson, Albert and Gladys Hall Coates Distinguished Term Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government

I sat in on a recent session with Professor Kim Nelson talking about what it takes to be a successful graduate student in our MPA program at UNC.  I took some notes and decided to turn it into a blog post because I know there are many people out there wondering what graduate school and our MPA program is really like.  Well, here they are coming straight from the MPA at UNC faculty.

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Welcome & Welcome Back!

This day has been coming for a while!  It kept creeping up on us here at UNC, as we were finalizing new fall admissions for both our on-campus and online formats, and we were busy registering our returning students, taking our vacations, and working hard to prep for the academic year amid the quietness of the MPA hallway.  Quick fact, our MPA program at UNC houses about 170 students who are currently enrolled!  Continue reading “Welcome & Welcome Back!”

MPA Matters

As strange as it may seem, I didn’t REALLY know what a MPA degree was until I landed the role of Director of Admissions for the MPA program at UNC.  I am pretty certain I could have told you it stood for ‘Master of Public Administration’, but I couldn’t really tell you what that meant.  Sure, I knew it was government related, but I thought it was a degree for someone who wanted to run for public office eventually.  Sometimes they do, but it is so much more than that.  And sometimes, it’s not even government related. Continue reading “MPA Matters”


MPA Matters seeks to explore and explain all the current happenings and pursuits of those interested in public administration and public service. Special focus will be put on highlighting careers in public administration and the current initiatives of the MPA at UNC program including our faculty, current students, and alumni.