Meet Kristin Pawlowski!

headshot of Kristin Pawlowski

Welcome to the MPA team, Krisitin!

Kristin Pawlowski is our new Associate Director of Alumni and Employer Relations for the MPA Program! Kristin is coming to us with great experience and skills, especially after serving UNC students for more than 3 years. We are super excited to have her as an addition to our team. To learn more about Kristin, we decided to do a Q&A with her!

Where are you from?  Kristin: I grew up outside of DC in Potomac Falls, VA

What is a fun or interesting fact about your hometown?  Kristin: Growing up outside of DC gave me access to all of the Smithsonian Museums and Galleries; however, this resulted in me not realizing until college that it is actually customary to have to pay to gain access to a museum or gallery.  

What are you most excited about in your new role?  Kristin: Being a part of a service minded community!  I am eager to leverage skills and experiences to pave pathways that enable the individuals who comprise our community to serve as the future public leaders.

What is something that surprised you about your chosen career path? Kristin: EVERYTHING!  Nothing about my career path has been anticipated. I am fortunate to have been raised by parents who consistently encourage me to reflect on my experiences, embrace change as an opportunity for growth, and confident in following paths reflective of my values.  While my path has been serendipitous, my experiences have brought me a lot of joy and meaning.

Who inspires you?  Kristin: My parents and the students with whom I engage.  You all are doing some pretty inspiring things!

What is the best piece of professional advice that you have ever received? Kristin: Develop and retain a core set of professional mentors.  

Any parting wisdom for prospective MPA students?  Kristin: Be okay with not having all of the answers; opportunity lies in the uncertainty.  Take the time to reflect upon what excites and motivates you, be intentional about the actions/decisions you make; and what something is exciting and totally scary, go for it, as those are the environments in which you will be your best-self.

Thanks so much, Kristin! We can’t wait to continue working with you.